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Multiplayer fazli14 0

GAME INFO - The smash hit game

Play on-line with players around the world as you are attempting to become the largest cell of them all! Control your little cell and eat alternative players to grow larger! however watch out: players larger than you'll be attempting to form you their lunch. Survive and eat long enough to become the largest cell within the game!

With new controls developed particularly for touchscreens, offers identical habit-forming gameplay that millions have already enjoyed on a laptop. Play on-line in fight action and use ripping, shrinking and dodging ways to catch alternative players - or avoid them! Use a spread of special secret skins with the correct username!
The web sensation is presently on Apple and Android!
  • - Grow your cell, eat others and abstain from being consumed
  • - Climb to the best purpose of the leaderboard
  • - select exceptional usernames to play with mystery skins

Play during a combat, groups, trial or gathering mode.It's cell eat cell out there! - scroll mouse to maneuver your cell
  • - press "space" key to separate cell
  • - press "w" key to eject some mass


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